Site registration:

For an advertizer who intent to place real ads on selected categories of the site at soon after.

For an viewer who intent to send internal message to an advertizer for an ads inquiry at soon after.

For those who want reguster as advertiser.

Pre-inquiry form of registration

Info Desk

Spread your business across the globe with classifieds platform

1. Post & Manage items

Post, edit, delete and renew your advert inside the application is easy and secure Sign Up & POST AD

2. Advanced Search Filter

Among the countless adverts find your advert within secs with the advanced search filter. Flexible, portable and include extra fields searchable.
  •  Search by location
  •  Search by category
  •  Radius search by postal code
  •  Radius search by kilo/miles range
  •  Search by extra fields created in the backend
  •  Search by memberships
  •  Search by promotion
  •  Search by tags
  •  Search by price
Advances search, enable a wide range of search options.

3. The membership and promotion plan which suits of

Unlimited Plans: Flexible to create multiple plans for the user to chose the best for their adverts.

Membership lifetime: Option to set a lifetime for every plan where the membership functions will be active the date assigned.

Advert lifetime: Assigning lifetime for advert will make the advert live till the lifetime expires.

Advert count: Provide the number of adverts for each plan while creating so each plan will have different quantity of adverts.

Paid Memberships: Option to create both free and multiple paid memberships with different prices, lifetime and number of adverts.

Promotion: Featured advert which highlights in the top of advert list with premium tags.

Increase promotion days: Options for the user to manually provide the number of days for the advert to be at the top.

4. Internal Messaging System

Send internal messages by clicking on “Contact Advertiser” in advert detail page. This will maintain privacy between advert viewer and advert owner.

  1. Membership based post ad form fields
  2. Multiple Promotions (Bold,Border,Background,Special)
  3. Advert Detailed page gallery changed

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